Gigantamax Snorlax Now Available In Pokemon Sword & Shield

A new Gigantamax Pokemon has arrived in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The recently revealed Gigantamax form of Snorlax is now available in the Gen 8 games, but you’ll need to act fast if you’re hoping to catch one, as it will only be around until early January.

As with other Gigantamax Pokemon, it appears the only way to catch Gigantamax Snorlax is to first defeat it in a Max Raid. The Pokemon will appear in Max Raid dens from December 4 to early January. In order to be able to encounter it, you’ll need to either connect to the internet while exploring the Wild Area or go into Mystery Gift and select “Get the Wild Area News” to ensure your game is up to date.

While Snorlax is already well-known for its laziness, Gigantamax Snorlax moves so little that it has a field of grass and a giant berry tree growing on its belly. When Snorlax Gigantamaxes, its Normal-type attacks become G-Max Replenish, which deals damage and also restores any berries that Snorlax or its allies have eaten during battle. You can check out footage of Gigantamax Snorlax in action in the trailer above.

Snorlax isn’t the only Gigantamax Pokemon you can encounter in Max Raids until early January. Gigantamax Butterfree will also appear until then. Sword players can also encounter Gigantamax Drednaw more often in Max Raids, while Shield players can encounter Gigantamax Corviknight. If you need help taking on these Pokemon, be sure to check out our Max Raid guide.

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