Pokemon Sword & Shield Offering Free Shiny Amoonguss For The Next Few Hours Only

During the 2019 Pokemon World Championships, Top 4 player Baik Jongyoon used a team featuring a Shiny Amoonguss, the Pokeball-like mushroom Pokemon. Now, you can add your very own Shiny Amoonguss to your team in Pokemon Sword/Shield–but you need to act fast.

Serebii is reporting that a Pokemon Korea Trainer’s Cup stream released a Mystery Code for a Shiny Amoonguss, resembling Jongyoon’s prized Pokemon. To get it, you need to enter the pause menu from the main menu and select “Mystery Gift.” then enter the following code: TRA1NERSCUP.

We tested this code ourselves in Australia, and it works. The Shiny Pokemon is Level 50, with Clear Smog, Spore, Protect, and Rage Powder. It’s got good stats, and is worth adding to your team (although you should expect other players to do the same).

This Pokemon can only be claimed until August 10, 2:59 PM UTC (7:59 AM PT, 10:59 AM ET). At the time of writing, that’s about 13 hours away.

Pokemon Sword & Shield recently became the third-best selling Pokemon game pairing in the series, and it recently grew further with the Isle of Armor expansion.

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