Super Mario Maker 2 includes slopes, night mode and 3D World levels

Today’s Super Mario Maker 2 Direct was a 15-minute deep dive into the details and features that would be coming to the Switch sequel this June. The game is being dramatically expanded for its sequel to include level features from a variety of classic and modern Super Mario Bros. titles that weren’t in the original.

Some of these changes are subtle, like slopes and the return of the infamous Angry Sun. On/Off switches and snaking paths are also making their first appearance in a Mario Maker, allowing for more variety for players (and the opportunity for builders to create nefarious traps).

There’s desert, snow, forest, and sky for new course themes, that are accompanied by new music done in the style of classic super Mario themes, produced by series staple producer Koji Kondo.

There’s also a new night mode that can be applied to existing course themes. Night affects lighting and changes the rules of existing themes. Players will have to navigate reduced gravity, flipped environments, and dark environments. The game now includes the Angry Sun that chases Mario, but switching into night mode turns it into a Moon that can clear all the enemies on the screen. Not only does night mode change the stage, but wild things can happen like floating goombas and transformed items.

On top of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario Bros. U, there’s now a mode for Super Mario 3D World levels. These levels are different enough from the other Mario titles that players will have to start constructing their levels in that theme. In exchange, they’ll have access to tons of tools exclusive to them, like Cat Mario, clear pipes, and the mushroom trampoline. There’ll also be new enemies like a Piranha Creeper, the Skipqueak enemies. The Banzai Bill even has new properties, allowing him to fly towards the screen. There’s even a stylish Koopa Troopa car for Mario to use! Characters from Super Mario 3D World will be making an appearance throughout Super Mario Maker 2, so this title’s getting a lot of love.

Players will be able to try out all these new themes, and fill them with elements and enemies from the rest of the Mario oeuvre once Super Mario Maker 2 releases on June 28.

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