The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening Pre-Order Guide For Nintendo Switch

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is coming to Nintendo Switch. While we don’t have a release date yet, that info will likely be revealed during Nintendo’s E3 2019 press conference on June 11, as the game is confirmed to release this year.

The Link’s Awakening remake looks stunning, with vibrant, colorful visuals that retain the top-down perspective of the original. The last time Nintendo released a new game inspired by a classic Zelda adventure–looking at you, A Link Between Worlds–the end result was fantastic, so we have high hopes for Link’s Awakening, which will be the first top-down Zelda title on the Switch.

If you’ve never played Link’s Awakening, which initially released in 1993 for the Game Boy Color, you’re in for even more of a treat, as you’ll get to experience the story for the first time. As you might have gathered from the announcement trailer (which you can watch above), the story begins with Link sailing into a giant storm that leaves him shipwrecked on Koholint Island, which is guarded by a giant sleeping Wind Fish. Throughout the course of the game, you’ll control Link as he solves puzzles and fights monsters to gather eight magical instruments that will wake the Wind Fish, the only one who can help him leave the island. Link’s Awakening shakes up the traditional Zelda formula a bit, as it doesn’t involve Princess Zelda, the Triforce, or Hyrule at all.

Link’s Awakening is already available to pre-order at a few different retailers, and we imagine more listings will go live when the release date is officially revealed. As of right now, no pre-order bonuses have been announced. We’ll update this story when we know more, but for now, here’s where you can pre-order Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch.

Pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

The base game is currently listed at $60, but we’ll see if that remains true after more info is shared on June 11. If you pre-order now and the price later drops, you should only be charged the lower amount when the game actually ships.

  • Get it at Best Buy — $60
  • Get it at GameStop — $60
  • Get it at Walmart — $60

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