Apex Legends – 3 Tips How To Rank Up To Diamond

Although the ranked mode in Apex Legends is the same as standard matches but reaching the top of the ranked leaderboard is a difficult task for a large number of players. If you are looking for a way to get out of the Bronze or Gold tier and climb up to the Diamond tier, here are the top three tips which will save the day for you. 

Most pro-Apex Legends players put these ranking up tips to a test every season and end up in the top leaderboard positions. If you don’t want to grind for a higher rank, apex boosting service is your best chance as you can pay a pro player to help you reach the desired rank.  

Play Solo But Smart


Playing solo doesn’t mean that you have minor chances of surviving when fighting with pro players, you can work on your positioning as better positioning can make the difference when it comes to dominating enemies. Survive till the end by avoiding unnecessary fights and you will end up winning the ranked match with fewer kills but more points. 

Learn about all the cover spots on each map and try to stay behind them especially when engaging with enemies as you can recover from the damage done by enemy bullets. Try to take the high ground to completely turn the flow of the battle in your favour. Sprinting, sliding, and jumping can largely reduce the time a player will be exposed to bullets.

Practice in the Firing range with your favourite weapons and improve your aim instead of jumping into the battle on your first day. Keep an eye on the load out of your squadmates and let them know about your favourite guns so they can help you find attachments and bullets. Running in the open fields will make you reach from one point to the other faster but don’t live in the fool’s paradise by thinking that opponents will miss this chance to kill you. 

Play With Good Players In The Stack 

Stacking is commonly known as teaming up with your buddies to make things easier for you and players who stack have a better chance of winning the game at the end. Although stacking is harder than you can think but you give your best performance especially when you know that your best buddy has got your back. Team up with pro Apex legends players and they will help you win ranked games to rank up faster. 

Try Apex Boosting


If you are tired of grinding for the Diamond rank, you can try Apex Legends ranked boosting to get things professionally done for you while you chill. 

A large number of trusted apex boosting services such as Overboost.pro are available nowadays and they offer all the available ranks at cheap prices with the option to engage in chat with professional Apex players to get some tips for future ranking. You can keep an eye on the complete boosting progress and get all the desired details in one click.