Control's Free August Update Adds Improved Checkpoints, Difficulty Settings

Control’s next major DLC is right around the corner, with a release date of August 27. But while many fans are eager to try the Alan Wake-themed content–dubbed AWE by developer Remedy–it’s accompanied by a free update that adds a few new features to the game.

Many reviews of Control noted that some of the game’s more challenging fights required quite a run-back to try again. To combat that, Remedy has added more Control Points that allow you to save the game and respawn, as well as explicit checkpoints in the middle of certain sections of the game. The update also introduces a new Multi-Launch ability upgrade, which will allow protagonist Jesse to throw even more coffee pots, chunks of concrete, and radiators at her orange foes.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the update comes in the form of a new Assist Mode, which will give players quite a few accessibility options, including enhanced aim assist, multipliers for damage received and energy bar regeneration, as well as an out-and-out “immortality” mode for those tough sections. It also adds a sprint toggle, because nobody loves holding down Shift for a minute straight.

While Control received quite a bit of acclaim at launch, Remedy has fallen under criticism in recent days because it will not offer a free upgrade to the PS5 or Xbox Series X for all owners of Control. Only those who purchase the game’s $40 Ultimate Edition–which includes all DLC–will receive a free next-gen upgrade. This bucks the trend of developers promising both current and next-gen versions of upcoming games with one purchase, most notably the case of Cyberpunk 2077.

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