Destiny 2: Outbreak Prime Zero Hour Completion Guide – Full Extended Gameplay

There’s a new secret Exotic weapon in Destiny 2: Outbreak Perfected, an updated, super-powerful version of the Exotic pulse rifle Outbreak Prime from Destiny 1. The gun is hidden, however, and not easy to get: Like the quest to unlock Whisper of the Worm, it requires battling through a timed mission called Zero Hour, which includes tough fights, platforming puzzles, and a huge boss throwdown.

Check out the video above for a look at how to clear the normal version of Zero Hour (there’s also a Heroic version that’ll help you unlock the Outbreak Perfected catalyst). The mission is something of a maze with lots of fake paths and dead ends designed to eat up your time. The video above can give you a look at the correct path all the way through the mission, which takes place in the ruined Tower from the beginning of Destiny 2, and shows how to take down the Fallen boss at its conclusion.

What the video doesn’t show is how to start the mission, which requires you to find a particular item hidden on Titan, then solve some riddles to figure out where to go next. If you prefer to figure it out on your own, we’ve got where to find the start of the Outbreak Perfected quest detailed here; there’s also a full Outbreak Perfected guide on how to start the quest, unlock the mission, and complete Zero Hour.

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