Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Release Time, Pre-Loading Begins On PS4, Xbox One, PC

Destiny 2 has gone into server maintenance mode to prepare for the upcoming release of Shadowkeep. But you can start preparing yourself now, with pre-loading of the update available on PS4 and Xbox One. Bungie has sent notice that it is now pre-loading across all regions. And seemingly because the expansion download is part of the incoming 2.6.01 update, you can pre-load Shadowkeep without pre-ordering.

Pre-loading this update now will allow you to start playing the new content the moment it goes live on October 1 at 10 AM PT. Pre-loading of the full game, including the free New Light version, has been available on Steam since last week.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep And New Light Launch Time

  • October 1 @ 10 AM PT
  • October 1 @ 1 PM ET
  • October 1 @ 6 PM BST
  • October 2 @ 3 AM AET (October 2)

Shadowkeep will introduce several big changes to Destiny 2, including nerfs to some of the current best guns, significant refinement of the loot grind, and the swapping of pinnacle weapons for new “ritual weapons.” Its release coincides with that of New Light, the F2P portion of the experience that’s open to everyone and includes a substantial amount of existing content, as well as upcoming events and more.

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Meanwhile, Bungie says it is preparing to become more than just the Destiny studio. It has plans to release a new, non-Destiny game sometime in the next several years.

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