Destiny 2: The Dawning Holiday Event Has Begun With New Recipes

Over the years, Bungie has filled its Destiny games with limited-time events to celebrate various holidays. One of the longest-running is the Dawning, Destiny 2’s version of a holiday celebration, in which you give in-game gifts to NPCs and earn winter-themed items, weapons, and armor. The Dawning is nearly upon us, with Bungie releasing a new trailer and some details about the upcoming event. [Update: A new update is out now and The Dawning is officially live. As was the case last year, the key component is figuring out and baking The Dawning recipes, which will allow you to deliver sweet treats to various NPCs to complete bounties and quests.]

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As Bungie detailed on its website, the Dawning kicks off on December 17 with the Tuesday weekly reset, and runs until January 14, a total of four weeks. Like last year, to celebrate the holiday in Destiny 2, you’ll visit Eva Lavente and collect a Holiday Oven item, which you’ll use to bake various Destiny-themed cookies to give to characters. Making those cookies requires gathering various ingredients from around the solar system, usually by killing enemies, and discovering the recipes to make each one.

Like every year, the Dawning has a few specific timed rewards to earn as you play through it. Bungie’s site teases a Dawning-specific ship and sparrow you’ll unlock by baking a bunch of cookies, and there’s Dawning-themed armor to earn along the way as well. The big prize of the season, however, is the Dawning weapon, a submachine gun called Cold Front. You can also get last year’s weapon, the machine gun Avalanche, and try for different perk rolls. And you can expect the Eververse store to feature a whole bunch of holiday items to buy with premium currency.

The Dawning is a free event, so you don’t need to have purchased a season pass for the Season of Dawn in order to take part in it and earn its rewards. New Light players will need to be Power level 770 and complete the Cosmodrome mission to unlock the Tower in order to access the Dawning. You can see what else is on tap for the season on Bungie’s Destiny 2 content calendar.

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