Destiny 2: Xur Has A Must-Grab Exotic For Titans

Xur’s arrival in Destiny 2 has lost some of its excitement as the game’s second year of content draws to a close. Most players who login to Destiny regularly already have most or all the Exotic weapons and armor the weekend vendor carries–which are those from Destiny 2 Year One and the Forsaken expansion. Anything newer isn’t available, which means if you’ve been playing Destiny for a long time, there’s usually no reason to bother tracking Xur down.

Sometimes, though, Xur’s wares are worth checking out. While Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 always have the same perks, Exotic armor gets random perks–which means that Xur’s version of an Exotic helmet or pair of boots might be slightly different from the one you already have. This week, Xur showed up in the Tower in Destiny 2 with a great role on an Exotic piece of armor, and if you play Titan, you should pick it up.

Head to the Tower’s Hangar to find Xur, who is positioned on a catwalk on the north end. You’re going to want to pick up the Exotic helmet he’s offering called One-Eyed Mask. This Exotic is great for the Crucible: its special perk marks enemies who damage you, and if you track them down and get your revenge, you’re granted a damage boost and an overshield. That makes One-Eyed Mask a favorite in Destiny 2’s competitive modes by itself, but Xur’s version has another great perk: Enhanced Hand Cannon Targeting.

Targeting buffs in Destiny 2 make guns more accurate, boosting their Target Acquisition stat–which basically helps you land headshots. The Enhanced version of those perks are pretty rare, so to get one on an Exotic helmet is great. The Hand Cannon version, though, is probably the best for Crucible. Most of the best PvP guns in Destiny 2 are hand cannons, like Not Forgotten and Luna’s Howl.

This combination of perks makes One-Eyed Mask a pretty phenomenal find, especially if you’re preparing to head into the Crucible to grind Destiny 2’s current seasonal event, the Solstice of Heroes. The Mask will run you 23 Legendary shards, so hurry over and pick it up–you only have until the weekly reset on Tuesday, August 6, to make your purchase.

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