Gears Tactics Will Be Single-Player Only And Won't Have Microtransactions

Gears Tactics, which is coming to Xbox One and PC (including Xbox Game Pass) on April 28, 2020, was first revealed at E3 2018, before dropping off the radar until this year’s Game Awards. Now we’ve learned that game, a turn-based tactical spin-off from the Gears of War series (think XCom but in the Gears universe), will be single-player only and will not feature cosmetic microtransactions.

This news comes via Rod Furgusson, studio head at Gears developer The Coalition, who tweeted it out after being asked for details.

The Gears of War series has typically had a multiplayer focus, with co-op and competitive modes available in the shooters, including the recent Gears 5; Gears Tactics will be the first single-player only Gears game. Gears 5 also features numerous paid cosmetic items, but in Tactics players won’t have the option of spending additional money. There will be plenty of customization options, but you’ll have to unlock them by playing the game.

Gears Tactics promises a 40-hour campaign, and is set before the original Gears of War.

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