Griftlands, deck-building strategy game, goes into Alpha on July 11

Griftlands was first announced nearly two years ago. Since then we haven’t heard much about Klei’s new RPG, at least until the trailer was revealed Monday afternoon at E3’s PC Gaming Show.

The trailer showed off the first gameplay and gave us a sense of what the game’s main mechanics would be. As it turns out, Griftlands is a deck-builder RPG that tasks players with solving problems through a variety of complex solutions. In the trailer we see the player trying to rescue a hostage in a few different ways.

First he charges in and insults the first person he sees. Once the conversation starts, you can choose a card to determine what you’ll say the person you’re talking to. Next we see him run in and pick a fight, and combat too is handled with cards from whatever customized deck of cards you’ve decided to bring into the mission.

Griftlands doesn’t have a final release date, but the developers at Klei did reveal when players would have the chance to play the game. Griftlands will enter its Alpha phase on July 11, when players will be able to buy the game and test it out. The game will be available on the Epic Games Store.

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