Hideo Kojima Wants You To Poop, Not Pee, Your Pants With A New Horror Game

After dabbling in the horror genre with P.T., which was actually a teaser for Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima wants to create another horror game down the road. He wants this game to be so scary that you poop your pants. Peeing your pants is not enough. It must be poop.

“I would like to make another horror game someday. Something that uses a revolutionary method to create terror, that doesn’t just make you pee your pants, but crap them. I already have ideas in mind,” he told BAFTA as part of his induction into organization’s fellowship program.


Kojima also reflected on the phenomenon that was P.T. The game succeeded and resonated so strongly because it played on different elements of the unknown, Kojima said.

The game itself was shrouded in mystery, as people had no idea it was even Kojima whose team developed it. Upon release, it was billed as a game from 7780s Studio, which is not a real studio. The game was surprise-released with no previous announcements, which added to the element of the unknown. For Kojima’s next horror game, if he does make one, it would use a different approach.

“[P.T.] used forbidden techniques to increase fear. It was a one-off thing, so we cannot reuse that method again,” he said. “I’m easily frightened myself, so I have confidence that I could create something more terrifying than perhaps others could. I get frightened of things like darkness and imagine shadows of ghosts in the dark. Just like Hitchcock or Spielberg did.”

Kojima’s new studio, Kojima Productions, has not announced any new projects after Death Stranding. The team is currently working from home after a staffer tested positive for COVID-19.

Kojima’s latest game is Death Stranding, which launched in November for PS4. It’s coming to PC in June, with a special Half-Life crossover on Steam.

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