Life is Strange 2 returns with this 4/20-appropriate trailer

Life is Strange 2’s third episode, titled “Wastelands,” will be released May 9, five months after episode 2’s premiere back in January. Dontnod Entertainment put out this 4/20-appropriate table-setter video yesterday.

Episode 3 picks up the story with Sean and Daniel still on the run. They’d hopped a freight train and continued south, and given the greenhouse full o’ ganj, they may still be in Oregon. They’re supposed to be on their way to their father’s hometown in Mexico, but the episodic game’s finale is due in early December, so they might be taking their time getting there.


Life is Strange 2 finds new ways to diversify after ditching female leads

Life is Strange 2 premiered with Episode 1 in September and followed that with Episode 2 on Jan. 24. The fourth and fifth episodes are dude for August and December of this year, respectively. The series is available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, with a prequel demo called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is still available for free. That story relates to Chris, the character whom Sean and Daniel met in Episode 2.

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