Mafia: Definitive Edition Narrative Trailer Debuts At Gamescom 2020

A new narrative trailer for Mafia: Definitive Edition debuted during Gamescom Opening Night Live, and it gave a glimpse into the world of the classic crime thriller. The trailer shows scenes of Tommy’s induction into the Salieri crime family, and from there, it’s a brutal descent into the heart of Lost Heaven’s criminal underworld.

The original Mafia is regarded as a classic for its focus on narrative within a large world. Mafia: Definitive Edition has refreshed graphics, a revised story, updated gameplay, and other bells and whistles. In addition to that, our interview with game director Haden Blackman revealed that the developers went to great lengths in preserving the spirit of the original game even when adding new story details and other updates.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is set for release on September 25. While there were recent remasters of Mafia II and III, Mafia: Definitive Edition makes the biggest leap in terms of updates.

There’s much more to see from Gamescom 2020, and we can expect to see plenty of reveals over the course of the online show in the coming days. Check our roundup of Gamescom Opening Night Live’s biggest announcements for more on what was shown.

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