Microsoft announces State of Decay 2 expansion Heartland

State of Decay 2 is a survival horror game with heavy base management elements from Undead Labs. Today at E3, developer Undead Labs had more news players, with an update called ‘the biggest expansion yet’.

The title, which is on Xbox Game Pass, allowing for cross-play and cloud saves across the Xbox One and PC, launched in 2018 and has received some post-launch support already. The most recent update was called Choose Your Own Apocalypse.

The new expansion, Heartland, offers two new stories, “new dangers,” and a new map for survivors to explore and conquer. The new settlement is from the original State of Decay, and it’s a direct continuation of the story from the original title. There are survivor stories that will be unique to this new map, as well as perks designed specifically to work in the Heartland expansion. Maps dramatically change the way a State of Decay 2 playthrough goes; there are currently three maps with their own layouts, structures, and landmarks.

The recent Choose Your Own Apocalypse update added new start conditions, difficulty options, and other ways to keep a playthrough of State of Decay 2 fresh. The new Heartland content announced today will further build on those improvements. It seems as though State of Decay 2 is about to get more replayable, with more distinct differences between towns and runs.

There will be more details announced for Heartland in the future; there is no release date for the expansion as of yet.

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