Monster Hunter World Is Now Capcom's Best-Selling Game Ever

Monster Hunter World is Capcom’s best-selling game of all time, the publisher has revealed. As part of the company’s financial year 18/19 results, it was confirmed the PS4, Xbox One, and PC RPG has shipped over 12 million units.

“Monster Hunter World … continued to report strong sales,” Capcom said, “with total shipments breaking 12 million units, marking a record high for any single title in the company’s history.” The statement also revealed horror remake Resident Evil 2 has shipped over 4 million units, while Devil May Cry 5 has shipped 2 million. Note “shipped” only refers to units delivered to retailers, not through to consumers.

These sales have helped the company record pre-tax profits of 18 billion yen (US $164m), an increase of 13% over last year. Elsewhere in the financial release, Capcom stated its intention to improve working culture for its employees, a topic which has come under increasing scrutiny in recent months with workers from companies such as Rockstar, Epic, and many more complaining of an exhausting work life.

“Starting from April 2019, laws related to workstyle reforms will go into effect and various measures including the reduction of overtime work will become imperative,” reads the statement. “As part of measures to promote work-life balance and reduce any instances of excessive working hours, the company has endeavored to improve and maintain employee health by encouraging employees to take paid leave and through holding nine safety and health committee meetings every month.

“The company is also working to create an environment with child-rearing support and other initiatives, including on-site childcare facilities, which will empower employees to pursue their careers actively. At the same time, it will seek to foster a corporate culture that provides job satisfaction in order to secure and leverage outstanding talent.”

Looking to the future, Capcom is bringing the first Devil May Cry to Nintendo Switch this summer. Monster Hunter World, meanwhile, has an ongoing special event named Spring Blossom Fest, which runs until May 16.

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