New Wholesome Games Stream Coming Tuesday With Two New Indie Announcements

Back in May, a group of independent developers came together to present a showcase of 55 cozy, chill games in the mold of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. Titled Wholesome Direct, that event garnered quite a bit of attention on social media, which has led the Wholesome Games community on Twitter to put together another event for this Tuesday, August 25.

The developers are calling this event Wholesome Snack, and it will feature two new game announcements, as well as a showcase of upcoming and already-released games. The stream starts at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Tuesday, and you can watch it on YouTube. Highlights of the previous Wholesome Direct event include the offbeat farming sim Ooblets, the narrative-heavy Rainy Season, and the Ghibli-esque Hoa.

The most notable wholesome game of the now is assuredly Spiritfarer, a management sim about coming to terms with death and loss, albeit in a bright, bubbly way. The game has received universal acclaim from critics and fans alike. In GameSpot’s 9/10 Spiritfarer review, critic Hope Corrigan said that the game offers an experience that is no risk, and all reward.

“There’s no death, no pain, no rush on any task, and yet I don’t think I’ve ever felt this complete,” she wrote. “You’re allowed to totally take your time, play on your own terms, and even though your tasks are easy, they are incredibly fulfilling…The characters, even small ones with funny little quips of dialogue that you encounter, were friends that I cherished. I absolutely adored existing in Spiritfarer’s beautifully animated, compassionate world so much that it genuinely came to feel like home.”

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