Rumored Batman: Gotham Knights Teaser Hints At Imminent Reveal, Possible Court Of Owls Connection

WB Games Montreal has been teasing its next game, with a talk scheduled for DC Fandome. But we may hear more about it as soon as tomorrow, judging by new teasers for the game rumored to be called Batman: Gotham Knights.

A teaser issued on Twitter includes an encoded message, along with a short video clip drawing diagrams in a grid. It quickly flashes a more organic-looking image, which some fans have speculated looks similar to an owl emblem. This follows rumors that the new game will be based at least partly on the Court of Owls storyline, in which Batman comes head-to-head against a shadowy cabal of Gotham’s elite.

Meanwhile, the official site has started a countdown timer which appears to end at 8 AM tomorrow, 8/18. That could finally be the reveal of the game ahead of the developer chat this weekend, but of course, it could also lead to more teasers.

The teases for WB Montreal’s next game have been slowly releasing since September 2019, so an announcement has seemed imminent for some time. Most of the promotion has used the slogan “Capture the Knight.” Rumors have suggested this may be called Gotham Knights, a reference to an early 2000s series revolving around the entire Bat-family of crime-fighters.

The WB Montreal panel at DC Fandome will begin at 10:30 AM PT on August 22. Later that day, at 5 PM PT, Rocksteady will show off its Suicide Squad game with a panel titled “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.” It’s unknown right know if that’s also the name of the game. Check out the full Fandome schedule for more details on how to watch.

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