Surgeon Simulator 2 Gets Even Sillier With Co-Op Gameplay

Surgeon Simulator 2 is expanding upon the comical, QWOP-like surgery from the first title by introducing both co-operative play and a puzzle-ridden hospital for you to explore.

The sequel, from developer Bossa Studios, doesn’t confine you to the operating table like the first game. Instead, you now have to rummage through the entire hospital for items that might be crucial to the operation at hand. There’s still the same silly surgery antics as before, centered around the complexity of having to control each of your fingers and appendages with individual button presses, but it’s a gag that’s seemingly got more depth to it now.

The other big addition is co-op play, with Surgeon Simulator 2 supporting up to four players. Although the game can be played solo, Bossa Studios says it was designed with co-op in mind. During surgeries, players will have to balance checking vital signs and administering medicine to keep patients alive, as you hack away at their internal organs to at least try and save their lives.

Bossa Studios is also giving players creation tools to let them decorate and expand upon the hospital as they see fit. These are the same tools Bossa uses to design the levels in the game, so you’re given a lot of room to get creative with a variety of assets.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is out in August for PC, via the Epic Games Store.

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