The Wolf Among Us 2 Confirmed, But It's Apparently Different From An Earlier Vision

One of Telltale’s long-dormant franchises is finally coming back. Former vets from the studio announced at The Game Awards that it has partnered with AdHoc Studio to continue and co-develop on a second season of The Wolf Among Us. AdHoc is a team built in part by former Telltale employees, working alongside the new Telltale ownership. The Wolf Among Us 2 will be released on PC as an Epic Games exclusive, as well as on consoles.

Wolf 2 will take place after the first game, but is still a prequel to the graphic novel series. It will also be episodic, but Telltale says it is still determining how it will release the episodes. The game is in pre-production, so no release window has been set.

The revival is bringing back directors Nick Herman and Dennis Lenart, writer Pierre Shorette, composer Jared Emerson-Johnson, and two key voice actors: Adam Harrington as Bigby Wolf, Erin Yvette as Snow White. Telltale’s former VP of engineering, Zac Litton, is serving as CTO at the new Telltale.

In response, former Telltale employee Scott Butterworth said on Twitter that the announcement caught himself and some of his colleagues by surprise. He also suggested that this version of the game looks like it deviates from the Wolf 2 that had been planned before the old Telltale Games went under.

LCG Entertainment purchased Telltale Games brand in August with plans to develop games based on its back catalog. The Wolf Among Us 2 will be the first such game under the new management. AdHoc and Telltale are co-developing the game, with AdHoc specifically working on narrative and cinematic elements.

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