Tom Clancy Games Changed Ubisoft, Says CEO \u2013 IGN Unfiltered

“The first one that changed the lot of the company was Splinter Cell,” Guillemot said. “We went for the Xbox, and it was a complex bet, and a dangerous bet because they didn’t have many machines [out there]. Launching on that machine and not PlayStation at the time was a bit risky, but we couldn’t go straight on PlayStation. We wanted to use the capacity of the [Xbox]. We did very well on Xbox. We hit probably 50 percent of the install base.”

On this month’s IGN Unfiltered, editor Ryan McCaffrey sat down with Guillemot to talk about the humble origins of Ubisoft, how the company managed to fight off the hostile takeover attempt from Vivendi, the evolution of the Ubisoft’s games and more.

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