Apex Legends season 5 trailer gives us our first look at Loba’s abilities

Apex Legends season 5 doesn’t start for a few more days, but Respawn has already released the season’s new trailer. The trailer doesn’t give us much of a preview of the new season, but it shows us plenty of action from Loba, the game’s newest hero.


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The trailer also gave us our first glimpses of Loba and her abilities. While we still don’t know exactly what she does, we did get a preview of what makes her such a master thief. Based on the trailer she seems have plenty of abilities that help her get into and out of tight spots.

In the trailer, Loba sneaks into what looks like a research lab that manufactures simulacra similar to Revenant. When she tries to destroy one of them she sets off the alarm, causing dozens of robots to filter in and try to stop her. She takes down a few of them with her staff, and even sets off a massive explosion that destroys the factory.

When she emerges from the explosion, Loba reveals that she had a barrier of some kind protecting her, and she even seems to teleport to safety. After the factory is destroyed, some of Apex’s other heroes stand around the wreckage, making it clear that Loba is ready to join their ranks.

It’s hard to say which abilities shown in the trailer will actually make it into her in-game kit, but the good news is we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out. Loba should officially join the cast of Apex Legends when season 5 begins on May 12 at 1 p.m. EDT.

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