Destiny 2’s next patch increases rare loot drops

While Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter is in full swing, it seems some of Destiny’s newest items are a bit too rare. In next week’s patch, Bungie will adjust drop rates for the new Gambit Prime weapons and Dreaming City items.

Bungie announced the changes in two separate blog posts. The first came in March 28’s This Week at Bungie. The studio revealed that cosmetics from the Dreaming City location and Last Wish raid will increase. Bungie claims that drop rates have doubled, tripled, or more in most cases. The One Thousand Voices raid Exotic’s drop rate is going up alongside the cosmetics — although Bungie promises it’ll still be rare.

In a post on their official forums, Bungie also revealed changes for Season of the Drifter weapons. Most weapons have been added to the end of match loot pool for Gambit Prime and Reckoning. A bad luck protection counter will tick up ever time players don’t get a piece of gear. This should prevent players from long streaks of unlucky drops. The drop chance itself, even without bad luck protection will also increase.

Players looking for these weapons can find them by completing Reckoning or Gambit Prime matches:

  • Spare Rations hand cannon
  • Night Watch scout rifle
  • Lonesome sidearm
  • Outlast pulse rifle
  • Last Man Standing shotgun
  • Sole Survivor sniper rifle

The Gnawing Hunger auto rifle, Just in Case sword, and Doomsday grenade launcher are exclusive drops from the Reckoning.

Bungie will release these changes in Update 2.2.1, coming to Destiny 2’s live servers on April 9.

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