Fallout 76’s battle royale preview continues indefinitely

Whether this morphs into a soft-launch, who can tell, but the “pre-beta” of Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter has been extended … indefinitely?

“With all the excitement and popularity, we wanted to let you know that the pre-beta sneak peek of Nuclear Winter will remain on and continue to receive updates,” Bethesda Game Studios said on Friday. No new deadline or time period was mentioned.

Nuclear Winter was announced a week ago, at Bethesda’s E3 presentation, and it was accompanied by a weeklong free trial for everyone ending Monday. Nuclear Winter is a 52-player battle royale with everyone vying to survive to be named the overseer of Vault 51. Competition is team-based, and also involves PvE combat with the assorted NPC miscreants of Appalachia.


Here’s what makes Fallout 76’s battle royale unique

There are ton of other distinctions separating Nuclear Winter from other battle royales. A key one includes the new Overseer XP everyone is working toward, which progressively awards new cosmetics in other game modes and opens up Vault 51, letting players learn more of what the story is there.

Players may also build CAMPs for free, somewhat similar to Fortnite’s construction layer, and these structures can be blasted to bits by mini-nukes.

Nuclear Winter was to have ended tomorrow with the free trial. Now, who knows. Enjoy it while it lasts. It presages the next big update, Wastelanders, which Bethesda announced is coming this fall. That will bring back human NPCs with full-blown dialogue trees, thank God, and is a big reason Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout-with-friends experiment looks like it is getting its act together.

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