Fortnite adds split-screen mode for Duos and Squads

Fortnite’s always been a game that’s best played with friends, and the latest update, patch 11.30, is giving players more ways to do that with a new split-screen mode. The mode will be available for players to try in both Duos and Squads, on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Split-screen has long been one of Fortnite’s most requested features, but the process is more demanding than most fans might think. The console effectively has to render the entire game world twice, while ensuring the performance of both versions stays even and playable.

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In the patch notes for patch 11.30, Epic says that this is an early release of split-screen and that it will be improved in the future. While there are almost certainly going to be bugs in the mode, Epic asks players to simply report them using the in-game feedback tool.

Patch 11.30 also adds the ability to check up on the item shop via the Party Hub Fortnite mobile app, and allows you to gift five items to friends per day, up from the previous limit of three. Epic has also updated the ammo indicator, which sits just below your aim reticle, to be an actual number now instead of simply a depleting solid line.

Update: Shortly after launching the feature, Epic disabled split-screen play due to an unspecified issue. Epic notified players with a tweet from the Fortnite Status Twitter account, and said that it would update players as soon as the feature is re-enabled.

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