Fortnite pro banned from $30M tournament for cheating

The competitive Fortnite scene has been abuzz with allegations against Damion “XXiF” Cook over the last week, thanks to footage that seemed to depict illegitimate play. After reviewing the case, Epic Games has determined that XXiF and his teammates did indeed cheat.

In the footage that was floating around this week, XXiF seemed to kill enemies that were absurdly easy targets. It was suspicious enough that fans believed that XXiF must have been teaming up with friends, who were feeding him kills to gain enough points to qualify for the $30M World Cup. Pressure mounted on social media, as onlookers believed it was an open and shut case.

Today, Epic breaks the silence by stating there was indeed collusion afoot, and that it happened across “several matches.” Here’s Epic:

All players involved will receive a 14 day competitive ban and will be ineligible for any Week 3 prizes. This group also included a player whose score would have qualified them for the Fortnite World Cup finals in New York. Consequently, in addition to the competitive ban and loss of prizing, this player will also forfeit their Fortnite World Cup Finals qualification spot.

The spot vacated by XXiF will be taken up by the next highest ranking North American player in the queue. Epic also noted that an additional 698 were reprimanded for breaking the rules during the tournament.

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