Fortnite’s next crossover is Street Fighter

The next portal has opened in Fortnite, and it appears that Chun-Li and Ryu from Street Fighter are walking through that door. The tease is live in Epic Games’ battle royale right now, and Fortnite leakers on social media say they have images of the fighters.

The portal is in an area southwest of Sweaty Sands. Peering into it reveals Ryu’s (and the franchise’s) iconic Suzaku Castle stage.

Shortly after the portal opened, the crossover announce trailer leaked out on Twitter:

Street Fighter’s mainstays will be the latest special guest stars in Zero Point, the Fortnite crossover-fest that began with Season 5 back in December. Previous crossovers have involved Tron, The Mandalorian, G.I. Joe, and Predator.

What’s left to sort out is what we get with this crossover. Some have involved skins, emotes, and other bling, while others have gone bigger with missions and different modes of play in the zany battle-royale world.

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