How to earn money fast in Shakedown: Hawaii

In most open-world games, money is the key to success. More money means more weapons, abilities, and high-end vehicles. Shakedown: Hawaii takes this a step further. Here money means buying up the entire island. Literally. You can buy every building in the game.

Buying up several hundred buildings is liable to take a while, but we’ve got some tips to speed up the process, ensuring that your control over the island is fast, severe, and profitable.

Shakedown every store

Shaking down a store in Shakedown Hawaii
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Early on in Shakedown: Hawaii’s story, you’ll unlock the ability to Shakedown a store. In other words, you’re demanding that the store pays you protection money … or else.

Completing a Shakedown is easy. Each store is a little different, but usually it amounts to finishing a minute-long sidequest. Sometimes you’ll have to fight a bunch of rival gang leaders, while other times you’ll have to pass out protest fliers in front of the store. These missions are super short and easy. But there are 84 of them.

If you’re interested in making money fast, doing all 84 Shakedowns will grant you a hefty boost to your daily income while unlocking those stores for purchase. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. Once they’re all done, you’re primed to start making some real money.

Focus on monopolies

Buying all the property in a category gives a hefty income boost
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Once you complete all the Shakedowns, you can start buying property. Buy all of the property in a given category. For example: buy all of the convenience stores. There are 15 of them, but they’re pretty cheap. Once you buy the full set, you’ll get a monopoly bonus that doubles all income from stores in that category.

When picking your next monopoly, make sure you check how many properties are in a given category. There are only seven grocery stores in Shakedown: Hawaii, so that’s another easy monopoly to pull off. Sub-Prime Auto is another easy category, with only six.

With a few monopolies up and running, the cash will flow freely, opening up more expensive investment opportunities.

Maximize income with multipliers

Buy multipliers for properties with high Daily Revenue
VBlank Entertainment via Polygon

Having a monopoly will yield high daily income from properties in that category, but there’s a way to send that income into the stratosphere: multipliers.

As you progress through story missions, you’ll occasionally unlock a multiplier. The game has cute, in-universe names from these, like Gift Cards or Marketing Spin, but for your purposes you should treat these as straight numerical boosters to your daily income.

For example, the Unrefined Products multiplier costs $25,000 per property, but it boosts that property’s income by 5X. Toss in a monopoly multiplier if you have all of the property in that category, and the numbers start getting ridiculous. A property that normally would bring in $1,000 per day is instantly boosted to $10,000 per day.

The cost for adding a multiplier is flat for every property, so when deciding which properties to boost first, look at the Daily Revenue column in your Property Management menu. Find the properties with the highest Daily Revenue, as those will give you the biggest return on your multiplier purchases.

If you’ve completed the above steps, you should be financially loaded for the entire game and can focus on building your criminal enterprise in other devious ways. Just make sure the power doesn’t go to your head.

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