Just Dance 2020 is coming to … the Wii

During Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference, the company had their usual, panda-ridden dance sequence to celebrate the next Just Dance game. While it was all pretty typical, we were surprised to see the list of platforms at the end of the demonstration. Yes, a Wii version of Just Dance 2020 is happening. Thank god.

Sure, the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One get a lot of attention. And yeah, they’re getting their own versions of Just Dance 2020 in November. There will also be a version of the game for Google’s Stadia. But who cares? It’s all about the Wii. Nintendo launched its motion-controlled console way back in 2006. Since then the company has released two additional consoles. But Ubisoft hasn’t forgotten that adorable white rectangle, even if you have.

Every single version of Just Dance has made an appearance on the Wii and Just Dance 2020 is no different. I guess it’s time to dust off those Wiimotes and get to swinging them around wildly.

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