PS4 6.51 Firmware Update Is Now Live, Still No Option To Change PSN Online IDs

Sony has released the latest firmware patch for PS4, update 6.51. The update doesn’t do all that much, despite being 463 MB.

In the full patch notes for update 6.51, Sony states that it, “improves system performance.” That’s it. Overall, update 6.50 did a lot more, implementing several new features in the PS4. Update 6.50 added the choice of 720p video when broadcasting with Niconico Live, and also added button assignment support for “enter” operations–allowing you to change the selection button from circle to X.

Notably lacking from update 6.51 is the option to change your PSN online ID, a patch that, last year, Sony promised is coming early 2019. You can already change your PSN online ID if you’re a part of PlayStation’s Preview Program, but the update hasn’t left beta and gone public. Sony has announced that when the patch does go live, the first name change will be for free. However, subsequent changes will cost $5 USD / €5 / £4 for PlayStation Plus members, and twice as much for everyone else.

Sony has admitted that implementing PSN online ID changes isn’t a smooth process, so there could still be plenty of bugs the company is trying to iron out. Apparently, the feature won’t be compatible with every game released prior to April 1, 2018. Not all PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games are guaranteed to support the feature either, so users may see several issues or errors in relation to their PSN online ID for certain games. Additionally, one of the Preview Program testers reported a bug that changing your PSN online ID might cause a loss in DLC purchases and game save data.

However, if you run into issues after changing your ID, PlayStation has said it will provide an option for players to revert back to their old one for free.

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