PSA: Borderlands' Enhanced Game Of The Year Edition Experiencing Matchmaking Issues

Since its release earlier this week, players have been experiencing matchmaking issues with Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition. Developer Gearbox Software is aware of the issues, but has not yet issued a fix.

Across the Gearbox forums and Reddit both, users have been reporting being unable to connect to their friends’ games, from having only some of their friends connect to be being unable to connect with anyone. While many of the reports are coming from PS4 users, Xbox One users are also reporting some issues connecting to their friends’ games. Considering the game is widely lauded as being a great four-player co-op game, this is a pretty major issue. Some have reported being able to fix the issue on their own by using port-forwarding on their router, however.

Others are also reporting an issue with receiving the free 75 gold chest keys offered to players who connect their Gearbox Shift account that has played another Borderlands game.

Gearbox and publisher 2K Games are aware of the issues, according to a representative, and are working on a solution.

Considering this new addition is in part meant to whet players’ appetite for Borderlands 3, hopefully the issues are resolved soon.

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