Rage 2 will get cheat codes as pre-order incentives

So, now we know what the deal is with Rage 2 and Tim Kitzrow — NBA Jam’s Mr. Boomshakalaka. Teased on Monday, it turns out his voice-overs are one of several cheats that will be available in the game.

The real news here is Avalanche and Bethesda Softworks appear to be doling out access to some as preorder incentives, even though “you’ll never have to pay real human money for cheats,” this Bethesda post says.

The Deluxe Edition of Rage 2 comes with three cheats enabled at the outset, and any pre-order gets the user the “He’s On Fire” cheat starring Kitzrow. All the others must be obtained from the “Wasteland Wizard,” an NPC wandering the game. He sells cheats and other things for in-game currency.

In addition to Kitzrow’s cameo (he’s also recently appeared in Dota 2 and as the play-by-play man for Mutant Football League), Rage 2 will feature these cheats:

  • Git gud: With this cheat, every enemy goes down in one hit, for the ultimate sacrilegious abomination of an easy mode.
  • Son of Thor: Makes the player electrified, therefore electrocuting any enemies who get close like Joe Biden.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat: Instead of ejecting you from the vehicle, this ejects the vehicle from you. Y. Smirnoff, designer.
  • Klegg Support: Rage 2 character Klegg Clayton joins you as a friendly AI companion. He’s a bit of a prick, though, so it’s uncertain whether this confers any real benefit.

Other cheats will be introduced to the game. Bethesda’s post alluded to one in which exploding red barrels rain down from the sky. “Cheats have been an integral part of games since someone first typed ‘idkfa’ into the original Doom,” said Peter Hastings, a senior gameplay programmer.

That’s a good enough justification for me, I guess. You can KFA with Rage 2 when that launches May 14 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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