This Stunning Bloodborne Watch Will Cost You Nearly $300

There is often a fine line between classy and garish when it comes to expensive video game merchandise. Thankfully, the latest range of pricey Bloodborne items from Japanese collection SuperGroupies lands squarely on the side of the former, with a stunning Astral Clocktower-inspired watch as the biggest draw.

The mechanical wristwatch features a genuine leather strap and the Bloodborne name on its back, but outside of that it’s difficult to recognize it as video game-inspired if you’re not familiar with the construction of the Astral Clocktower. Featured in Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC and home to one of the game’s best bosses, the tower is replicated with gorgeous layers of metal, along with an animated window that slowly transitions from a sun to a moon as the day goes by.

Diehard fans of Bloodborne might scoff at the fact that the Astral Clocktower was never designed to tell time, but that doesn’t prevent this from being an alluring piece, even if it does cost 30,000 Japanese Yen (around $285).

The rest of the collection isn’t as expensive and offers additional items with the same classy details. The Bloodborne bag has a nice grey, textured exterior with a red interior lining inscribed with keywords tied to lore and the game’s iconic Caryll Runes. It also comes with metal keyrings inspired by some of the game’s weapons. The three-fold wallet comes in an all-black leather finish with etching of some of the game’s runes, with the same red lining inside from the bag. The bag will set you back 13,800 Yen (~$130), while the wallet is slightly cheaper at 11,800 Yen (~$110).

All three items are up for preorder now, with orders closing either on October 19 or when stock has all been allocated. Deliveries will begin as early as February 2021.

Bloodborne is one of the PS4’s best exclusives and will be featured in the recently announced PlayStation Plus Collection that is coming to PlayStation 5. Form Software is currently working on Elden Ring, but Bluepoint Studios is remaking Demon’s Souls for PS5, which will launch with the console on November 12.

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