You’ve got to see this bonkers level in Dreams

Where to even begin with this, other than what the hell did I just watch?

While most players are using Media Molecule’s game-building tool Dreams to make recreations of other titles — or really, to make games in recognizable genres — one creator has decided to use it to make true art. Introducing “Haus Of Bevis,” a strange level that cannot be explained, but must be witnessed in its full glory. The entire thing is like a fever dream. I love it.

If the dialogue in the level seems familiar, you’ve probably watched the classic and equally bizarre YouTube video, “You Could Stop at Five or Six Stores.” Somehow, though, the Dreams level manages to completely repurpose those lines into something even more otherworldly. At times, “House of Bevis” seems to have its own narrative, though the true meaning of the work is up for debate.

The best part? This is what we’re getting when Dreams is just in Early Access. Who knows what we’ll be seeing once the game has been out for a while?

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