5 Games That Take A Month To Beat

Sometimes life puts you on an involuntary staycation, which gives you plenty of time to dive deep into a long game. There are a number of those to choose from, but quantifying “long” can be tough. As such here are five games that can take a month to finish for different reasons.

5 Red Dead Redemption II

One of the best examples of a long game in recent memory is Red Dead Redemption II. With a sprawling world and campaign spanning about 70 hours, the game is a monster. Many complained of the game’s self-indulgence and criticized how it took its time to get players going. However, times like these allow for a little more wiggle room where that’s concerned.

After you’re done with the highly compelling single-player campaign, you can head into the expansive Red Dead Online. It isn’t perfect, but Rockstar continually works to improve it, and its use of the game’s open world is impressive as it is. The game is truly worth any player’s time and certainly a month of gaming time.

4 Animal Crossing

No matter which entry you play, the Animal Crossing series is a solid choice for a month’s worth of gameplay. The game’s infamous mechanic of having the player continually pay off cartoonish loans to upgrade their house is rewarding, and you end up feeling like a millionaire among the more bland houses of the other residents.

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Each game’s light-hearted tone and customization options are compelling enough for any gamer, and the life simulator differentiates itself from the numerous other life simulations on the market. While it certainly doesn’t have the narrative impact as other mainstream titles are noted for, it certainly offers a long break in its form of escapism.

3 The Sims

Speaking of life simulators, The Sims is a prime example of a time-consuming life simulation. And, of course, “time-consuming” is not meant in the pejorative by any means. Rather, its use of your time is well worth it in the long run.

The Sims series’ vast house customization options and Sim creation flexibility are very impressive and can properly express every player’s style. With the ability to construct a house any which way, as well as purchase other property, players are essentially omnipotent and can transform their town or city as they wish. DLC has only added to the more recent game’s replay value, making The Sims 4 a game that can easily take up a month’s worth of time if not more.

2 Mass Effect Trilogy

A trilogy doesn’t qualify as a game that can take up much of your time necessarily. However, there’s still a month of content in the Mass Effect trilogy, and highly valuable content at that.

Each game has its flaws (although Mass Effect 2 is arguably the least flawed), Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 are all narratively phenomenal games. The first installment has aged poorly in terms of presentation and gameplay, though its compelling plot is enough to keep players engaged for the entire adventure.

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Mass Effect 2 and 3 vastly improved on the first game’s gameplay and presentation, with a sci-fi world that was mind-bogglingly enthralling. As some of the most well-written games of their time, they stand as timeless classics. Although the ending didn’t pay off according to gamers’ expectations, it can easily take up a month’s worth of time, and what a lovely month that can be.

1 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain certainly isn’t among the most beloved games in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. In fact, it might be one of the most hated. However, few have argued against its solid stealth gameplay and presentation ahead of its time.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was infamously marred by a plot many felt was thin and noted issues in production. In the face of this, The Phantom Pain ended up being a solid package with gameplay far above that of its predecessors and a game with still-fascinating story elements. Further, the game does bring the series full circle.

Despite the criticism for its narrative, it is still a game that can take a while. With its large open worlds that allow for many stealth options, the game can take up a good chunk of your time in a unique way. Arguably, it doesn’t even require the player to have experienced the rest of the series to enjoy, although its some references and story elements would make more sense with a prior series understanding.

While not a perfect game by any means, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is capable of providing ample entertainment, and certainly a month’s worth thereof.

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