Echo VR’s Summer Splash Event Adds Under Sea Lobby, Skirmish Zone & More

It’s summertime and what better way to celebrate than a trip to the beach. Or, if you’re nowhere near the sea then how about playing some Echo VR on Oculus Rift/Rift S instead, because Ready At Dawn has just released the Summer Splash Event with a limited time aquatic theme as well as additional features. 

First up you’ll notice a little change to Echo VR’s lobby as you’re now underwater. Swimming about this aquatic wonderland, you’ll be able to explore hidden treasures, relax on the beach or find fun props and sea creatures. You can also unlock new summer customisations by completing either one match of Echo Arena or Echo Combat during the event.

Ready At Dawn will be running a couple of seasonal events where you can earn special rewards. Summer events are 4v4 Echo Arena public matches without parties. You can find additional information the morning of the event via posters in the Main Lobby Area. Here are the basics:

Event #1

On 25th July from 10:00AM — 10:00PM PST / 17:00–5:00 UTC complete 1 Event Match to earn a special Summer decal.

Event #2

On 1st August from 10:00AM — 10:00PM PST / 17:00–5:00 UTC complete 1 Event Match to earn a special Summer decal.

Another new feature is The Skirmish Zone found in the Lobby. Located within the Echo Combat Training Area, this new addition will allow you to kill some time, practice skills outside of a match, or teach friends tips and tricks.

There have also been several balance changes add in this update.

Echo Arena

  • Players will no longer be able grab the opposing team’s holo cubes near their goal.
  • The opposing team’s holo cubes will disappear as the player gets close to them.
  • Echo Combat

  • Players can no longer grab the arms of other players (same as Echo Arena).
  • The Echo VR seasonal summer splash event has now begun, finishing on 2nd  August at 12:00 AM PST/ 7:00 UTC. Head to the Echo Games blog post to see the full changelog. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Ready At Dawn, reporting back with further updates to Echo VR or new info on Lone Echo II.

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