Evan Peters’ Quicksilver Is Under A Spell, But It’s Not The Same One Everyone Else Is Under

When Darcy said “She recast Pietro?” at the end of WandaVision’s fifth episode, it looks she she might have been onto something. Evan Peters stormed onto Wanda’s sitcom set, breaking the fourth wall, already completely aware of the fact that none of it was real.

He seemed to have some of her brother’s memories and recollections – even his death – and so people have been quick to assume that this is a genuine in-universe recast of the real Pietro or even Mephisto in disguise, toying with Wanda. Although, it would seem as though everything from a slightly shuffled plant to a beekeeper is the devil incarnate. However, I pose this – what if Evan Peters’ Quicksilver is under a spell just as everyone else in Westview is? Only, his is a different spell entirely.

For everybody else, they’re being pushed into a role of subservience, playing up to the hammy roles of a sitcom, unable to fight back or break character – trapped. It’s horrifying, and the glimpses we get through Vision’s wake-up calls are equally as unsettling. Yet, Quicksilver seems to be the only one in the same ballpark as Wanda, with Vision lacking his memories so much that all of Westview is a mystery that he’s unravelling like an endless ball of yarn. However, Quicksilver could very well be in a spell of his own, one that adds fake memories, ones that Wanda doesn’t have – things that didn’t even happen – and ones which make him think he’s the Pietro of her world.

If that’s the case, it’s a great way to put Wanda’s guard down. She might be hesitant to believe it’s the real Pietro, especially if she didn’t bring him into the fold herself, so if he behaves and thinks like the Pietro she knew, then she’s more likely to believe that he’s the genuine artefact. That would seemingly indicate that whoever is pulling the strings doesn’t have the same power she does to resurrect the dead, and what’s the next best thing? Pulling someone with the same powers and identity through the multiverse and making them believe they are a different version of themselves. Wanda might even chalk it up to a subconscious defence mechanism so she doesn’t see her dead brother waltzing around.

This may sound like baseless speculation and a rampant desire for Evan Peters to still be the Fox’s X-Men Quicksilver. While that’s a part of it, both Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany have been teasing a huge reveal, a Luke Skywalker level cameo, someone Paul’s wanted to work with for a long, long time. If Evan Peters truly is the Fox Quicksilver under a spell, then the very person to snap him out of it and, by extension, everyone else in Westview, may just be a telepath. You see where I’m going with this, right?

In steps the X-Men Patriarch Patrick Stewart – Charles Xavier – and as he struts into the MCU, he frees the minds of all the Westview hostages. Perhaps he’s brought into the fold via Doctor Strange, or maybe he’s just pulled in by whoever is playing this game, but either way, it would fit the bill of a Luke Skywalker level cameo and a prestigious actor that Paul Bettany looks up to. The question remains that if Evan Peters really is the Quicksilver from Fox’s X-Men, will he stick around after WandaVision wraps up?

The reason why Fox didn’t have Scarlet Witch in any of their movies, the reason that the MCU killed Quicksilver, and the reason that both continued separately – despite both being mutants – in their own universes, is that Disney and Fox came to a deal. Fox got Quicksilver, Marvel Studios got Wanda. Now that Disney owns both, WandaVision seems to be the first story to take advantage of the Fox acquisition. So who knows? Maybe Evan will hang around and, if Patrick Stewart appears, maybe he’ll drop into a few more flicks before finally hanging up the fingers-to-the-temple glare.

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