Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Weird, Quirky, And Maybe Useful PC Mods

The former PlayStation exclusive Final Fantasy 7 Remake is now available on PC, and while the port has only been available for about a week, the modding community has already gone into overdrive.

The PC version is the bells-and-whistles Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, which comes with the Yuffie DLC. It’s a fairly simple port and can look, sound, and feel great on the right hardware – but it’s also been labelled the worst triple-A port in some time, although a data miner has suggested this may be because Square Enix accidentally shipped the debug build.

However, while some modders have been busy fixing some of the issues, others have just been having fun with it. Want to turn people into swords? Want to turn everything into swords? Want to see Aerith getting dirty (not like that…)? Well then, you’ve come to the right place – here’s our round-up of some of the most interesting mods currently available for FF7R.

Make Aerith Dirty

This mod will make flower girl Aerith look like she’s got soil on her. Why? Not sure. But the mod’s description says: “Aerith’s been playing in the flower garden again and has dirt all over her. What are we gonna do with her?!” Maybe this is not how everyone envisioned a Dirty Aerith mod, but here we are. This is almost definitely someone’s fetish somewhere.

Tifa’s China Dress

It is well known that Final Fantasy fans like to cosplay and the costumes available within the games does much to stoke this creativity. This mod lets players dress Tifa in her China Dress for the entire playthrough. For those who prefer her Wutai dress, well you’re sorted too.

Replace Cloud’s Buster Sword With A Model Of Scarlet

Why hit things with a sword when you can Omnislash with Scarlet instead? This mod replaces Cloud Strife’s weapon of choice with Shrina’s head of weapons development, giving her an up close and personal look at combat.

Cloud Becomes Gorgeous

Yes, we know Cloud is always gorgeous, but this is Gorgeous with a capital G. After all, why not dress up Cloud in his Gorgeous Dress for the entire playthrough? This mod also ensures the brooding mercenary is dressed up in battles too. If you prefer Cloud’s Ordinary Dress, that mod is also available.

A Lot Of You Seem To Like The Colour Purple, Especially For Tifa

Many FF7R players seem to be fond of purple, as this mod, which gives Tifa her purple dress from the get-go, is one of the most popular mods currently. I mean it’s just the colour, right?

Get A Spiked Bat For Traumatic Walking Dead Vibes

There are those of you who may just want a spiked bat instead of the Buster Sword to walk around looking G, but then some of you may think of Negan of Walking Dead fame. This mod gives Cloud a distinctly Negan vibe – the villain from the Walking Dead comics and TV show – with a weapon reminiscent of the spiked bat known as Lucille (so-called after his dead wife. Oof, feelings).

Buff Up The Star Bracelet

This handy mod is for those who wrist nothing. Geddit? Hey, screw you this is the last entry and it’s almost Christmas, give me a break. This mod gives the Star Bracelet eight materia slots and various stat boosts. There are 11 versions of the mod, with differing stats, so players can choose which variant they’d prefer.

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