Fortnite Steel Bridges Map locations: Dance at a green, red, and yellow bridge

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges in Chapter 2, Season 1 will go live later today.

These new challenges are part of the 'Chaos Rising Challenges' and should you complete all of the available challenges you could earn up to 54,000 XP points towards this seasons battle pass.

That's a hefty chunk of XP and just the ticket for acquiring more free cosmetic items.

Don't forget, if you complete 8 of the challenges you will also unlock the Loading Screen for the Mission and within said loading screen you'll also notice a hidden location.

Find your way to this location and you'll then earn some hidden XP.

For those curious, you'll see the list of all the new challenges available this week, further down. However, for the purpose of this page, we want to focus on one challenge that some players may need help with.

Namely, the challenge which reads: 'Dance at the Green Steel Bridge, the Yellow Steel Bridge, and the Red Steel Bridge'

So where is the green, yellow and red steel bridges? Here's a quick map to show you each location, courtesy of

All you need to do is visit each bridge, not necessarily within the same game, and dance. Dance like Kevin Bacon! And that's it.

If you do want some more help, you can also check out the YouTube video below by Fortnite guides creator, Gattu.

Once you've danced at all three bridges the challenge will be complete and you'll be one step closer to that 54,000 XP points for week 9.

Keep reading to take a look at the other challenges you'll need to complete in Week 9.

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