Gaming Detail: Why Yoshi Was Omitted From The Cover Of Smash Ultimate In Germany

Thanks to the rating mark guidelines, Yoshi was removed from the cover art of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Germany.

Making it onto the cover of something is a big deal. It’s why news of who is the cover star of FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, WWE 2K, and other sports games makes big news every year when that reveal is made. As for most other games, the cover star is often not up for debate. Mario will be on the cover of his games, Link will feature for Zelda games, and so on, and so on.

There are a handful of franchises that have to tackle that issue, one of which is Super Smash Bros. Previous installments have proven that the likes of Pikachu and Donkey Kong will always be there. They’re well-known characters, they have to be. However, the decision as to who else should make the cut for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate must have been the most difficult to date considering the size of the roster.

A number of characters made the cut, including Ness, Kirby, and even Pokémon Trainer along with his three sidekicks. Yoshi was also awarded a pretty prominent position on the cover, right above Pikachu. Unless you bought the game in Germany, that is. Pikachu has been repositioned and Yoshi is nowhere to be seen.

So what is Germany’s deal with Yoshi, exactly? Is Mario’s pet dinosaur offensive to German people in some odd way that the rest of the world isn’t privy to? No, the reason for his omission isn’t that exciting. Yoshi was removed from Germany’s version of the Smash Ultimate cover art so that it abided by Germany’s rating mark guidelines. As can be seen in the tweet above, the rating is somewhat bigger than it is on the US case.

Nintendo had to remove a character in order to make room for Germany’s over-sized rating mark, and it was decided that Yoshi was the one who would be sacrificed. Pikachu was then moved up closer to Link and the rating mark put in its place. It’s the only version of the cover art where a character was removed completely rather than just repositioned.

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