Gravity Ghost Deluxe Edition Review: A planet-hopping indie that is all kinds of ingenious

Later levels slowly become more complex by introducing planets that break, cause you to bounce, and need terraforming before the ghost girl can interact with them. Sometimes levels will offer a selection of all these planets, which mixes up the gameplay nicely.

It’s not just planets that will alter the way you interact with every level however, as eerie spirits and skeletons are scattered throughout space. You’ll be able to intercept their path and collect them within your character’s long flowing hair – yes, really.

You ghostly white locks can be lengthened by collecting flowers which float in zero-G. Animal spirits, as well as other collectables, will remain in your hair until they’re delivered to their correct location.

Once you’ve matched up the correct animal spirit with its skeleton, lots of flowers will appear around the area, allowing your hair to grow even longer to help you advance in the game.

At times pairing up spirits and their bodies is a demanding task. You’ll often have to move between levels just to return a soul to its matching bones which makes maintaining the length of your hair so you can hold on to these spirits one of your top priorities.

The narrative of the game is worked in through cutscenes that are interwoven between the levels, all delivered in charming animation and with a beautiful graphical style.

The story is a simplistic one, but it touches on powerful themes. The girl, her fox and the galaxy all come together to tell a fascinating tale of friendship, unbreakable bonds and acceptance.

There is also the splendid voice acting which sees Ashley Burch (who played Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn) lending her voice to the cast. Thanks to Burch’s performance, the emotion delivered in Gravity Ghost matches that of some of the biggest AAA games.

The soundtrack is also beautifully composed, and different sounds match the tone and vibe of different levels and constellations perfectly. It’s another strong element that adds to the superb achievement that is Gravity Ghost.

The Verdict – 4/5

Reviewed on PS4

Gravity Ghost is a relaxing indie game that uses the metaphor of gravity to explore friendship and intimate feelings. It’s a compelling journey and one which will leave an everlasting impression on any player.

The Good

  • Beautiful hand-crafted universe
  • Interesting narrative
  • Smart puzzle dynamics that keep the game moving forward
  • Hundreds of levels to explore

The Bad

  • Some may consider puzzles a little repetitive

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