How to turn off the Nintendo Switch console and other handy tips

You can actually save a bit of power by simply turning off the wi-fi. Doing this stops the system searching for new networks and lessens the load on the poor thing’s shoulders. If you ever misplace your Joy-Con controllers there is a way of searching for them too. If you choose Controllers from the base Switch menu and then choose Find Controllers you can make the little things vibrate in order to make them easier to find. 

You can actually turn the Switch on without having to get up. This all depends on where you keep your controllers, but if you hold the Home button when the console is asleep it will burst into life. This is great if you are switching between it and another console and you’re taking shelter from the cold world by hiding underneath a blanket.

If the system crashes for whatever reason, you can completely turn it off by holding the power button for around ten seconds. This helps you fix things if a game gets caught in an infinite loading screen or if you are just really annoyed at Dark Souls, but know that throwing the console isn’t the answer. 

The last one is useful to a few people, you can easily set up Nintendo accounts in other countries and have them on your Switch. Not only does this allow for move save files in games that only allow one, but it also lets you see the other regions Nintendo eShops. This means you can get games even if they aren’t out in the UK. It is sneaky, but also a very good idea. 

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