How To Unwrap Fortnite’s Final Winterfest Gift A Little Early

Fortnite‘s Winterfest is still in full swing, but players have found a way to get their hands on the big green present lurking at the back of the lodge a little early.

Epic has been celebrating the season of giving this holiday season, at least when it comes to Fortnite, its most popular title. Winterfest landed on Fortnite Island almost two weeks ago and with each passing day, players have been allowed to pick and unwrap a gift from the lodge.

Some gifts look more tempting than others. The Millennium Falcon present right at the front of the pile on the right-hand side, for instance. If you didn’t unwrap that present right away, then we applaud you for it because we opened that one on day one. Beneath the festive wrapping was a Star Wars-themed glider and we have had it equipped ever since.

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The other two presents that caught our eye were the big ones at the back of each pile. The Christmas tree-shaped one didn’t take long to get to, what with the right pile being much smaller than the left. That turned out to be the Lt. Evergreen skin. Simple deduction meant the big green present at the back of the left-hand pile is the Wooly Warrior skin.

However, since it’s right at the back, Epic clearly wants us to wait until the final day of Winterfest’s gift-giving bonanza for us to open it. There is a way around that, though. Only opening the gifts on the left from day one. Sadly, if you have already opened some of the gifts on the right, then you’ll have to wait until the Wooly Warrior skin is the only one left to open.

There is another way to get the gift a little early as demonstrated in the video above courtesy of Fortnite Insider. It performed the test on PC and managed to open the massive green gift earlier than it should have been allowed. Chances are this was a simple glitch on Epic’s part and since it has now been made public, it may have already been fixed. No harm in testing that out for yourself though, right?

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