Hyper Light Drifter TV Adaptation Coming From Castlevania Producer

Hyper Light Drifter, the artistic and action-packed Link to the Past-like indie game, is being adapted into a television series from producer Adi Shankar, who brought Castlevania to life on Netflix last year. Polygon spoke with the game’s creator, Alx Preston, who has the adaptation under his watchful and decidedly excited eye.

The adaptation is still in the extremely early stages of development, but Shankar has signed on, which adds Hyper Light Drifter to his already-existing plans to create a light-handed “Games Universe” between Castlevania and the upcoming Devil May Cry. This doesn’t mean that all these shows are crossing over, but Shankar wants to create a mentality between the adaptations he does, so we might be able to at least expect a similar tone.

No date has been set for the Hyper Light Drifter adaptation, but it likely won’t be around for quite some time. In the meantime, you can play the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a Switch version releasing just last year.

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