Mondulia Studio is the App for Immersive Music Creation

Virtual reality (VR) has an abundance of musical videogames when it comes to the rhythm action genre, allowing players to shoot, punch, and slash their way to high scores. But what about those who want to create music? Well for that you’ll need an app like Mondulia Studio, designed for both music creation and live performances. 

Compatible with Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S, Mondulia Studio can be used as a standalone app for creating your own tunes, featuring a suite of instruments which can be moved, resized, played, recorded and saved, as well as editing options for finetuning.

Designed to be used by beginners and experienced musicians alike, Mondulia Studio really comes into its own when combined with music creation software such as Ableton Live. This way, artists can create music inside a virtual 3D space with all the features they’re used to. Additionally, Modulia Studio also works with any MIDI-compatible Digital Audio Workstation.

As mentioned, Mondulia Studio isn’t solely about music creation. Thanks to the addition of cameras and various visual effects, users can produce live or recorded performances, whether it is on stage or by sharing it on social networks.

The app is available in three versions via Oculus Store. There’s a free intro version to get users started, then for those who want more features the Plus version is unlockable for $39.99 USD/€39.99 EUR. Or for the full package, there’s the Pro version at $199.99/€199.99.

Explaining a little more about the Pro version, developer Thérémix Tech states: “In its “Pro” version, Modulia Studio makes it possible to create a very large amount of instruments without limit. Thanks to this dematerialized studio, creation is no longer constrained by technical issues and it is the end of heavy and cumbersome equipment.”

Modulia Studio is the brainchild of William Dulot, a 24-year-old engineer with a passion for Hip Hop and electronic music. Having discovered VR whilst studying in his last year, Dulot decided to combine this new found technology with his love of music.

Modulia Studio is can be downloaded from Oculus Store now. As Thérémix Tech continues to improve the app during Early Access, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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