New Gameplay Today – Dota Underlords

The Dota 2 mod Auto Chess ushered in a new genre, giving players a chance to show off their strategic superiority in draft-based battles. Drodo Studio appears to be moving away from Steam, bringing a standalone version of its game to mobile and an upcoming Epic Games Store release. Fear not, though, Valve faithful. The studio has created its own version of the game, Dota Underlords. Today, we play through a match and see what it has to offer.

Underlords is still in pre-beta (available now to Dota 2 battle-pass holders), but it’s easy to see why people are so into the genre. There’s a lot of strategy at play here, as Dan Tack shows us in today’s episode. Dan breaks down the big concepts of the genre and also explains what Valve is bringing along, too, so you’re set whether you’ve been enjoying the Auto Chess Dota mod or are completely new to the experience.  

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