River City Girls Overview Trailer Is All About Fighting Your Away Across Town

A few months ago, Arc System Works announced a new River City Random game developed by WayForward called River City Girls. The new game stars high school girls Misako and Kyoko beating up the delinquents of River City  in an effort to get back their boyfriends from nefarious clutches. Today, Arc System Works released a Japanese overview trailer for the game showing various new mechanics and bosses.

You can check out the Japanese language trailer below.

The trailer shows off some new things like the shops, one of River City Ransom’s finest traditions, as well as an interesting new comrade recruitment mode. Sparing some enemies lets you summon them in for attacks later. We can also see intros for what appear to be the various bosses in the game. 

River City Girls releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on September 5.

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