Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 earbuds are pricey but well worth it

These earbuds are a hefty bit of tech compared to their rivals but they pack a lot of punch.

The Momentum True Wireless 3’s are at the high-end of earbud prices, sitting at around £220.

But they make up for that cost in spades, with a ton of quality technology and amazing sound.

Thanks to Sennheiser’s True Response transducer and dynamic 7mm drivers these bad boys kick out brilliant, clear high notes that are strongly defined away from a deep, resonating bass end.

The mid-levels sit perfectly between the two, allowing the user a distinct soundscape that delivers a whole, rounded version of any given song in any given genre.

Thanks to the free downloadable app, you can tweak your EQ to your heart’s content and also use various presets across popular genres like Rock, Hip Hop and Classical.

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Each bends to its respected style to subtly boost the right parts, being out the best of a song.

There’s even a guided listening test to setup the perfect sound for each user’s individual hearing.

The noise cancellation is also a big feature on these buds.

It automatically adapts to your surroundings, so noise commuter traffic on say, a busy Tube train, can be blocked out for you by the tech within the buds.

But you can also control it yourself manually too.

Sometimes the AI was a little off, in the gym there was too much bleed and the music from the centre distracted me from the pure tone brilliance of my favoured rock music.

But generally, its impressive.

There’s a long battery life here, seven hours in the buds themselves, which is ideal for long sessions gaming or working where you might need a bit of music to pass the time.

And that can be extended to 28 hours before another plug-in charge using the swish grey-denim designed case.

The Momentum True Wireless 3s are comfortable too, especially when you sort out the right earbud adapters and silicone fins for each ear from the three sizes provided in the box.

Phone calls are clear too thanks to three advanced microphones on each earbud ensure absolute clarity.

Overall, a quality set of plugs.

Ones that provide an excellent soundscape and that are clever enough to mix out background noise when you need to.

They’re pricey but worth it.


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