The Official Launch Trailer for Jupiter & Mars on PlayStation VR has Arrived

There barely seems to be a month that goes by without PlayStation VR having some decent videogame launches to choose from. April is no exception with Falcon Age now available and Ghost Giant set to arrive on PlayStation Store tomorrow. If those weren’t enough then there’s always Jupiter & Mars next week, which has just had the official launch trailer make a splash.

With the trailer looking like a mix between Ecco the Dolphin and Rez Infinite, the rather gorgeous looking Jupiter & Mars is a virtual reality (VR) experience with morals. An underwater puzzle adventure, you play two bottlenose dolphins named Jupiter and Mars who have been tasked by an ancient and powerful race of whales called the Elders to help restore life back to the oceans.

Set in a future where mankind has been wiped out, all that’s left is humanity’s mechanical creations littering the ocean world. The dolphins need to shut down a global network of semi-functioning bases and machines that are disrupting sea life, by exploring five distinct biomes, from tropical islands to sunken underwater cities.

To succeed you’ll need to harness both of their unique abilities to solve the puzzles and challenges the ocean has to offer. Jupiter happens to have enhanced echolocation powers to see in the darkest depths and even through solid objects, while Mars is the muscle, with a ram ability that’s handy for busting open walls or looking for secrets in oyster shells.

Developer Tigerton will be releasing Jupiter & Mars next Monday, 22nd April which just so happens to be Earth Day. If you’ve not heard of it before, Earth Day is an annual movement first started in 1970 where events are held worldwide to support environmental protection. It’s also why Tigertron developed Jupiter & Mars in partnership with ocean organizations SeaLegacy and The Ocean Foundation, who have helpfully provided the videogame with exclusive content.

Check out the launch trailer below, or follow this link if you didn’t see the story trailer which arrived a couple of months ago. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Jupiter & Mars, reporting back with any further announcements as launch day approaches.

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